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For the 2015/16 academic year, the HSE is actively recruiting in 17 different disciplines: management, economics & finance, sociology, political science & international relations, history, psychology, philosophy, media and communications, education, philology, computer science, statistics, public policy and administration, law, business informatics.

  • Post-doctoral Fellowships
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The Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Russia is soliciting applications for post-doctoral fellowships at its various research centers and laboratories.  

Faculty of Mathematics

Field of research: mathematics
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Laboratory for Internet Studies (St. Petersburg)

Field of research: quantitative data-driven interdisciplinary Internet research for social science
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International Center for the History and Sociology of World War II and Its Consequences

Field of research: history of World War II
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Centre for Historical Research (St. Petersburg)

Field of research: comparative history of nationalism and empire in the region of Eastern Europe and Eurasia
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Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge

Field of research: science and technology studies and research in the field of economics of innovation
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School of Political Science (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Field of research: political economy, including theoretically driven formal modeling and quantitative empirical research
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Public Policy Department (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Field of research: global governance and global participation with specific focus in comparative analysis of protest movements and 'protest publics'
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School of Philology

Field of research: interdisciplinary language and literary studies
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Neurolinguistics Laboratory

Field of research: neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics, clinical linguistics 
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Centre for Cognition and Decision Making

Cognitive Control and Perception Group

Field of research: neural dynamics of language comprehension and production, cognitive control in communication, sensory-motor integration, embodied cognition, numeracy, interactions between domain-specific and domain-general cognitive systems, language acquisition, communication deficits (e.g. aphasia), etc
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Neuroimaging Methods Group

Field of research: novel methods for solving EEG and MEG inverse problem, source space analysis of synchrony, techniques for improvement of neurofeedback efficacy and motor imagery BCI
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Neuroeconomics Group

Field of research: neuroscience of persuasion, cognitive dissonance, neuronal plasticity caused by economic outcomes, neurobiology of trust and risk taking, neuroscience of temporal discounting, neuro-law
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Theoretical Neuroscience Group

Field of research: models of social decision-making, computational neuroeconomics, information processing in neurons and circuits as well as computational approaches to drug addiction, role of oscillations in cognition
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Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroenhancement

Field of research: cognitive neuroscience and neuroenhancement
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Neurodynamics Group

Field of research: characterization of spatio-temporal neuronal dynamics at rest and during cognitive/sensorimotor tasks
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Center for Institutional Studies

Banking in Emerging Markets

Field of research: banking (including different banking markets as well as regulation aspects) and households’ financial behavior in Russia and other emerging economies
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Econometrics of Contracts

Field of research: econometrics of contracts
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Student Social Networks, Peer Effects, and Academic Achievements

Field of research: impact of social networks on student academic achievements, their behavior, and life choices
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Faculty of Computer Science

PAIS Laboratory

Field of research: process-aware information system architectures and analysis
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ISSA Laboratory

Field of research: knowledge discovery, text mining and computational logic
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Field of research: data mining, automated knowledge discovery and predictive model design and optimization
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Institute for Industrial and Market Studies

Field of research: public procurement
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International Center for the Study of Institutions and Development

Institutional Economics, Comparative Politics or Social & Legal Studies

Field of research: institutional economics, comparative politics or social & legal studies with a special focus on the legal community, the predatory and violent behavior of state agencies and collective action (especially, legal mobilization)
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Social Capital and Cultural Norms

Field of research: social capital and cultural norms
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Social Network Analysis

Field of research: social network analysis
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Comparative Political Economy of the Welfare State

Field of research: comparative political economy of the welfare state
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Institute of Education

Centre for Cultural Sociology and Anthropology of Education

Field of research: sociology and anthropology of education, cultural factors in education, analysis of longitudinal data in education
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Centre for the Study of Educational Innovations

Field of research: learning analytics, instructional technologies, qualitative or quantitative research methods, history of education
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Contemporary Schooling Research Group

Field of research: educational policy, partnerships, architecture
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University Development Research Laboratory

Field of research: economics, social sciences, comparative education
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Centre for Socio-Economic Development of Schools


Field of research: sociology of education, educational studies
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Regional Group

Field of research: education policy, data analysis, education management, comparative education, regional educational systems
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